Tandem Project

Terms & Conditions

Personal data supplied by tandem users are stored only for the purpose of connecting tandem partners and for internal use (anonymous statistics). Should you wish to withdraw from the project and your personal data to be deleted, please send an email to queermigs@haz.ch. The tandem service is for free. The responsibility to organise the tandem meeting according to needs, time and preferences lies with the tandem users only. Especially the first language meetings should occur in a public place – for example cafés, bars, libraries or parks. QueerMigs neither guarantees the successful learning of a language nor the safety and good behaviour of tandem partners. The users must make sure their tandem partners are reliable, risk free and not dangerous persons. Any form of abuse should be reported to queermigs@haz.ch. Finally, QueerMigs shall not be responsible and shall not be held liable for any harm or inconvenience occasioned to users by the use of QueerMigs tandem project.